the bride

Halima Farhan

We run this business together as a husband and wife.We understand people’s demands and try to achieve accomplishments from public satisfaction. We only try to sell quality goods. We discourage any seller to deliver products with lesser quality.

the groom

Steven Kudrow

Thisd all started in 2013. It is as my wife says, we run this business altogether. We try to analyze people’s needs and keep imported products with superior quality thn the local market.

Let's Hear From People

Shabah Tabassum

"Quality products in budget. I love their behavior as well. Nice people.”

Moumita Baral

"My favourite shopping place. I don't have any complaint on them.”

Nasrin Sultana

"Value for the money. A great place to waste your money with pleasure.”

Anika Hasan

"Vibrant collection at budget price. Place of my choice on festivals.”